School of Doodle

School of Doodle: A series of short videos acquired from School of Doodle, an organization that creates inspiring content for girls and women. This series will celebrate the arts and provide the audience the tools to turn creative potential into success.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
January 12, 2017
School of Doodle

School of Doodle Full Episode Guide

  • Arianna answers 10 Doodle questions.

  • Patty talks about being a female drummer.

  • Rachel discusses the stigmas of the fashion industry.

  • Bridget discusses being a punk rock singer.

  • Susie talks about the way women dress.

  • Io talks about being an artist in Los Angeles.

  • Thelma talks about becoming a museum curator.

  • Marawa talks about hula-hooping.

  • Samira talks about becoming an actor.

  • The Doodle Girl Code.

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