Falcon Beach

Falcon Beach is a television drama about a group of teenagers in Falcon Beach, Manitoba. The central character in Falcon Beach is Jason Tanner, a young man who lives alone with his mother. He and his mother run a marina which is struggling to stay in business. Sometimes, Jason is able to wakeboard professionally to make money. His two best friends are Tanya and Danny, and the three of them have been close since their childhood.

Paige is the pretty and spoiled rich girl in town. She is smart as well and even attends Harvard. She definitely has a thing for Jason. Tanya has some difficulties growing up. She tries to make it in the modeling world, but she has no luck. While trying to break into modeling, Tanya picks up a dangerous addiction to cocaine. She dates Lane, Paige's brother, who ends up being a bad influence on her. Lane ends up killing a local drug dealer on an accident and finds himself facing a ton of trouble.

Danny is also having personal problems as well. His young girlfriend, Erin, gets pregnant and ends up delivering a stillborn baby. The resulting stress damages their relationship, and Danny and Erin break up.

Paige and Lane's mother has enough drama of her own to compete with the teenagers. She is having a passionate affair with another member of her country club. Her husband, Trevor, is incredibly wealthy but is having financial struggles. He has begun to commit fraud and embezzle from his company. Eventually, Paige and Lane discover what their father has been doing.

All of the characters become embroiled with each other when Trevor tries to buy Jason's marina and turn it into a luxurious resort. The proposed development has various townspeople in disagreement over whether it's good for the town or not.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 5, 2006
Cast: Steve Byers, Jennifer Kydd, Ephraim Ellis, Morgan Kelly
Falcon Beach

Falcon Beach Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Paige discovers who killed Mook; Tanya blames Lane for ruining their lives; Courtney accepts that she has lost Jason and is overcome with desperation; Erin surprises Danny with a visit.

  • Danny and Jason team up to try to win a truck at the annual scavenger hunt; Tanya is torn between Adrian and Lane; Trevor tries to win back Ginny.

  • The fight for the marina is finally over when the bank forecloses on Jason and Peggy, while Tanya struggles to deal with Lane's confession about Mook.

  • Paige comes to a cross road when the Oasis is about to take ownership of the Marina, while Tanya decides to break up with Lane.

  • The events leading up to a fight at the Talent Night at Sunset Bar are seen in different points of view. Nathan and Jason continue to keep each other on edge while Paige tries to prove to everyone she's over her former lover. Lane's anger toward Adrian drives Tanya to drink.

  • Jason's attempts to save the marina take him down a dark path, while Tanya's agent Gordon makes a surprising visit to Falcon Beach.

  • On the eve of a huge deal for the Bradshaws tempers flare and relationships are tested throughout the town.

  • Tanya gets a break when a band comes to town, while Paige becomes suspicious of Danny's intentions to stop the Bradshaw project.

  • With the gas tank explosion being linked to arson, Jason makes one last effort to raise the much needed money to save the marina, while Lane is being haunted by his latest deed.

  • The Bradshaw's make an offer for the marina that the Tanner's can't refuse while Tanya begins her community service.

  • As Tanya's court date approaches she struggles to decide whether to risk going to jail or team up with the Bradshaw's lawyer, while Erin's behavior becomes extreme.

  • With a battle for the marina between the Tanners and the Bradshaws raging, Paige and Jason's relationship is in jeopardy while Erin and Danny try to deal with their recent loss.

  • Sunmmer's almost over, Jason finds out the truth about his father and Paige is going to Boston fo collage. Lane and Tanya are in trouble with the police. Trevor trys to keep Ginny by buying the half of the cottage from her sister.

  • Tanya gets fired from her job, than gets into an accident. Alex comes onto Jason. Danny and Erin have a life altering decision to make.

  • Lane is on the run from Mook. Paige tries to get everyone to help him; Trevor is trying to save his marriage also unaware that Mook is just outside; The Police also discover something about one of their own.

  • Mook finds out about Lane's on the side dealings. Adrian's wife shows up wanting him back. Jason starts competing, but ends up hurt. Could it be the end of his career?

  • Jason turns to Paige for help when his uncle puts the marina's future at risk, Danny tries to help Erin, and Tanya begs Jason to take her back.

  • The police question residents of Falcon Beach about the little boy's drowning. Erin is concerned that they will charge her with negligence. Adrian sends a social worker to the Bradshaw's in an attempt to prevent Zoe from harming herself. Lane reveals that he was with Tanya on the motorbike and Jason tells Tanya he can't be with her if can't trust her.

  • Erin now has to deal with the video on the internet; Ginny heads back to Toronto;The town is working to get the dance hall up again, also the town is hit with something hard.

  • A wakeboarding championship puts pressure on Jason; Ginny's sister visits; Tom gets fired for sexual harassment.

  • Paige rents a boat for Jason to use for wakeboarding and causes friction with Tanya and Adrian. Ginny helps Alan prepare for the Summer Solstice festival, while sparks fly between Trevor and Darlene.

  • The Sunset Bar is hosting "GIrls Gone Wild" type of Party and Erin really get into it; Jason is getting ready for Wakejam; Danny asks Paige to join on a new project.

  • Lane comes back to Falcon Beach. A new doctor comes to town. Paige is helping around the arcade. Danny is also trying to see what kind of a relationship he has with Erin. Jason and Tanya go and hang out.

  • Scripted drama following the lives of young adults vacationing, working and falling in love in a lakeside resort town. A reluctant Paige arrives with her mother and gets caught in a clash with Jason, who is distracted by Tanya's return after she skipped out on a model shoot in Europe. Paige: Jennifer Kydd. Jason: Steve Byers.

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