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Donkey Kong Country is about the story of an ape named Donkey Kong who finds a mysteriously and magical coconut known as the "Crystal Coconut". This coconut is capable of granting wishes, as well as answering any questions it receives from the holder. Donkey Kong decides to protect the Crystal Coconut from King K. Rool and his evil minions who plan to steal it from Cranky Kong's cabin so they can take over Kongo Bongo Island.

1 Season, 40 Episodes
August 15, 1998
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Richard Yearwood, Andrew Sabiston, Donald Burda
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Donkey Kong Country Full Episode Guide

  • It's "All Fool's Day" on the Island of Kongo Bongo and it seems Cranky is out to get everybody. Collapsing chairs;whoopie cushions;catapulting cream pies';no ape is safe from his practicle jokes. Donkey Kong;Diddy and Candy have had enough. It's time to fight fire with fire. However;the joke is still on them when they hand over the Crystal Coconut to King K. Rool...thinking he's Donkey Kong...and Krusha and Klump think Donkey Kong is King K. Rool. Confused? Seems All fools Day" is turning everyone into fools.

  • What's this? Pictures of Cranky and King K. Rool;together? Laughing? Hugging? Donkey Kong and Diddy are a little confused after finding theses "happy moments" from Cranky's youth. Seems he and King K. Rool were the best of friends. Pulling pranks and running amok on the island. According to Cranky's story that all came to an end when King K. Rool cheated to win a contest. They've been sworn enemies since. know Donkey Kong and Diddy; they just can't let an opportunity to be do-gooders pass them by. They're going to get these two "best buddies" together again if it is the last thing that they do. And it just very well may be...

  • What happens when you accidentally cross a balding;money-hungry;mommy's-boy monkey with a magical hair serum? You get Leo Luster;daddy-o! Leo is so cool he can put anybody in a trance;be it a mesmerized Candy or King K. Rool and his slimy henchmen. Things get a little complicated when Donkey Kong decides that he'd rather watch a baseball game on the tube than take Candy to the opening of Funky's new Bistro for a romantic dinner. Could it be that Donkey Kong is in danger of losing both his girlfriend and the Crystal Coconut in one night?

  • It's a day like any other on the island while Donkey Kong and Diddy guard the Crystal Coconut. Diddy tries in vain to get past level three of his video game and Donkey Kong;weary from all the hard "work" settles down for a nap proclaiming that he wishes he could "sleep forever". Suddenly Kongo Bongo Island stands still! The Barrel Factory halts productions;Klump and Krusha's "fitness test" at the hands of King K. Rool seems destined to go on forever;the sun stops moving - all while the Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo snores away! Cranky;Candy;Bluster and Diddy band together trying to break the curious spell before the Crystal Coconut falls into the wrong hands. With a little help from the idol of Inka Dinka Doo and King K. Rool himself;our sleeping hero is "kissed awake" just in time to save the day!

  • While cutting through the mine tunnel;Diddy overhears King K. Rool's plans to take over the island. Unfortunately;the symptoms for Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease have begun and Diddy hasn't been vaccinated. However;by the time he reaches Donkey Kong to warn him;he is at stage four of the disease and Diddy has lost his voice. Thinking that Diddy is trying to warn them that the Banana Plantations are overrun;Donkey Kong and Funky take off to eat their fill of bananas and thin out the plantation. Meanwhile;as King K. Rool is issuing orders to his army;he begins to sniff and sneeze. This time;Klump misinterprets the commands and begins plans to "blow up the island"! Could King K. Rool be coming down with Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease as well? Is there a cure? Will it come in time to save Diddy? King K. Rool? THE ISLAND?

  • Tis the season for gift-giving and fireworks. It's also the one day of the year that there's a truce between the Apes and Lizards. The Apes sit around the Crystal Coconut and exchange gifts;while the Lizards go home to the swamps to be with their loved-ones and drink Bog-Nog. The Crystal Coconut is safe...or is it? While Donkey Kong is off trying to find really great presents for his friends he discovers that there is one Lizard left all alone. Klump doesn't have any family. They decide to team up on the gift hunt. Meanwhile;"Pure Scum" be landing on the beach. Pirates don't honour the annual truce;and Scurvy wants the Crystal Coconut;his birthright. Well;he does want something else;but it was lost to him years ago;and you can't take something that's lost.

  • Everyone wants in on the act as Bluster gets ready to produce and direct his first feature film. While Bluster is in it for the money;Donkey Kong figures it's a good way to impress Candy. King K. Rool;well;he just wants to use those acting lessons he bought over the phone. Blaster's casting choices surprises everyone. Donkey Kong is cast as the villain and relies on "method acting". He becomes so evil that when the Crystal Coconut goes missing;he's the main suspect.

  • When Diddy ponders where the mysterious temple of Inca Dinka Du came from;Funky has the answer: Interplanetary Visitor Dudes. This;and the sighting of what is believed to be a UFO has Diddy convinced that everyone on the Island is falling under the zombie-like trance of visiting aliens. Desperate to save his friends and stop the alien invasion;Diddy has little recourse but to seek the help of King K. Rool!

  • Diddy convinces DK to have some fun with the Crystal Coconut; asking it for favours. The end result is that Diddy accidentally wishes to be invisible. It's all fun and gags;until General Klump and Krusha steal the Crystal Coconut. Meanwhile;K. Rool has locked himself in his vault;and can't get out. To make matters worse;the stolen Coconut falls into the hands of Candy Clone who is off to the White Mountains where Eddie the Mean Old Yeti lives. The chase is on!

  • Scurvy and the Pirates are back on Kongo Bongo Island to claim Scurvy's birthright;the Crystal Coconut! In the meantime;an unaware Donkey Kong is visiting the Inca Temple in an attempt to find out what all the mysteries;powers and knowledge of the Crystal Coconut are. However;when DK misinterprets Inca Dinka Du's advice and hands over the Crystal Coconut to King K. Rool;everyone;including the Pirates;are now on a mad chase to retrieve it!

  • Klump is exiled from King K. Rool's army for one too many blunders. Feeling sorry for him, Dixie invites Klump to live with Donkey Kong and the others. But unfortunately, Klump's attempts to fit in with the Kongs just makes things worse. Soon, Klump is torn between his friendship with Dixie and his loyalty to K. Rool.

  • In a ruse to keep DK occupied long enough to steal the Crystal Coconut;K. Rool plans to lure DK into a runaway minecar rigged with no brakes. In the meantime;Krusha has been bonked on the head and become a sophisticated and evil companion to K. Rool; -- unfortunately;he's so evil he's upped the stakes to K. Rool's Plan and rigged a bomb to the mine car;which now contains two innocent little monkeys; Diddy and Dixie!

  • Donkey Kong puts all of Kongo Bongo in jeopardy when he reads a letter delivered by the dead pirate Bluebeard Baboon which recites an ancient pirate curse! Kongo Bongo is soon in danger of sinking to the ocean floor unless Donkey Kong and Diddy can retrieve all the other letters sent to Donkey Kong's friends. In the meantime;Cranky has discovered a solution to the problem;which soon ends up in the hands of his archenemy; King K. Rool!

  • Donkey Kong finds himself in the middle of a personal predicament when Candy and Diddy pressure Donkey Kong to choose whom he'd rather spend time with; his best friend or his girlfriend. In his hastiness;Donkey Kong accidentally makes plans with both of them on the same night. To add to his dilemma;Cranky sends Donkey Kong on a Top Secret Mission that completely backfires;leaving Cranky's Cabin an open target for a full assault by King K. Rool and his army.

  • When the Inca Idol summons Donkey Kong to test his skills in the Labyrinths of the Inca Ruins;Donkey Kong has no idea that his abilities are being tested in order to prepare him for his biggest challenge yet; - a Dance Contest against his most prized enemy;King K. Rool!

  • When Donkey Kong saves Bluster's life;Bluster is so grateful he decides to return the favor; appointing himself as Donkey Kong's constant companion - twenty-four hours a day;seven days a week! With everyone's patience reaching their limit;Donkey Kong and Diddy discover that the only way to rid themselves of Bluster's gratitude is to reverse the favour and have Bluster save Donkey Kong's life ... a task that's easier said than done.

  • When Eddie the Mean Old Yeti keeps all the Kongo Bongoians awake at nights with his relentless "club banging";Cranky creates a Tickle Tonic to cheer him up. Unfortunately;while Cranky goes on a mission to deliver it;Donkey Kong and Diddy accidentally cast a spell on the Crystal Coconut;enabling the Coconut to "float" ...eventually floating right into King K. Rool's hands!

  • When Donkey Kong and his buddies find an antique map;they embark on a Treasure Hunt that leads them on an adventure to the far off Mountain Mines. What they don't know is that everyone else on Kongo Bongo;including King K. Rool;is on the same adventure! After a wild chase to find the treasure;no one is more surprised than our hero to find out what the contents of the treasure chest are.

  • After Cranky offers free physical to everyone on Kongo Bongo Island; Bluster overhears Cranky telling the others "some bad news" and misinterprets the information as his test results. Thinking he has only a week to live;Bluster decides to turn over a new leaf and become "Bluster the Benevolent"; - unfortunately;it's at the risk of driving everyone else crazy!

  • When Polly Roger steals the Crystal Coconut;Donkey Kong and Diddy chase him into the Ancient Temple Ruins in an effort to get it back. Once there;Donkey Kong disturbs the sleeping idol "Inka Dinkadu" when he removes a sacred golden banana is returned. Unfortunately;Donkey Kong has already given the banana to Candy;who has now been kidnapped by King K. Rool!

  • When King K. Rool and his cronies conspire to make Donkey Kong look bad to his friends;it works even better than they expected. Cranky banishes Donkey Kong to the White Mountains and the Crystal Coconut reveals Diddy as the new Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo. However;everyone soon realizes that Donkey Kong's shoes are a lot harder to fill when King K. Rool plans his biggest attack yet on the unsuspecting apes.

  • When Bluster Kong steals the Crystal Coconut in an effort to impress Candy;he accidentally sends it on a joyride across Kongo Bongo;ultimately ending up in the White Mountains with Eddie the Yeti. Now it's up to Donkey Kong and Diddy to receive it. The problem is General Klump and his Kritters have the same plan!

  • Captain Scurvy and his Pirates invade Kongo Bongo! Scurvy has come to claim his birthright; "The Crystal Coconut";which was buried on the island centuries ago by his Great;Great;Great Grandpappy. Donkey Kong and Diddy stowaway on Scurvy's Pirate Ship to steal the coconut back;but are soon caught and forced to walk the plank. Just when things look bleakest they receive help from the most unlikely of sources.

  • Fed up with King K. Rool's constant attacks;Cranky longs to be young again to duke out his own battles. After drinking a concoction of youth serum;Cranky finds himself 40 years younger. While Cranky heads out to clobber King K. Rool;Donkey Kong comes across the potion and drinks it;turning into a baby! With our hero in diapers;and Cranky's plan backfiring;the fate of Kongo Bongo is now within King K. Rool's reach.

  • When King K. Rool's last attack fails;he comes up with a new strategy to steal the Crystal Coconut by cloning Candy Kong with an evil robot. While trimming Donkey Kong's hair;Candy Clone puts a hex on him that removes all of his strength;which now leaves the Crystal Coconut without a protector. With time running out;Cranky must come up with an antidote and get it to Donkey Kong before King K. Rool and his army succeed in their next attack.

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