Casting Call! 'The Mortal Instruments,' Eisenberg Back with Baumbach, Vivaldi Biopic, and PT Anderson Religion Movie Finds Followers

Today was a huge day for casting news, so let's get it all done in one fell swoop, shall we?

-First up, the Los Angeles Times blog 24 Frames is reporting that recent Academy Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg and Naomi Watts are in talks for writer/director Noah Baumbach's next film, "While We're Young." The film is about a couple in their 40s (Ben Stiller, who was in Baumbach's "Greenberg," is already set as the man of that house) that, after finding themselves childless and alienated from their procreating friends, strike up a friendship with a couple in their 20s. Life lessons are taught amidst very uncomfortable humor.

-Jamie Campbell Bower has found himself at the head of the latest teen-lit series adaptation, "The Mortal Instruments," according to Deadline. The story has to do with demons and Shadowhunters, as these things go, and already has Lily Collins (the teenage girl in "The Blind Side") attached to the lead.

-One of the most celebrated composers of all time, Antonio Vivaldi, is about to get the biopic treatment, and Screen Daily reports that director Boris Damast has assembled quite a cast for it: Max Irons and Clare Foy will star with Elle Fanning ("Somewhere"), Neve Campbell ("Scream"), Jacqueline Bisset, Tom Wilkinson (recently of "The Green Hornet" fame), Alfred Molina ("Spider-Man 2"), and Sebastian Koch bringing in support. The film will tackle the story of how Vivaldi turned a talented-but-traumatized group of girls into a world-class orchestra for which Vivaldi wrote most of his music.

-Variety reports that "Heroes" actress Dania Ramirez is the latest to board the Battleship "Pie" in "American Reunion." She'll star as the "ugly duckling who nobody noticed in high school," who has since turned into...well, Dania Remirez.

-Finally, Paul Thomas Anderson ("There Will Be Blood") is building his cast for his new movie, "The Master." Philip Seymour Hoffman is already onboard as an intellectual who creates a belief system in 1950s America to catch wayward souls trying to make sense of the post-war world. Variety reports today that "Friday Night Lights" actor Jesse Plemons has come onboard as Hoffman's son, and reliable "that guy" actor David Warshofsky will play a detective. The same story links Laura Dern (the "Jurassic Park" franchise) to the film, but not in a headline capacity. It's the first anyone in the blogosphere seems to have heard of it, so we're treating it as news.

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